sewing lace. Cucire il bordo di pizzo

“Our wedding dresses have a special spell: It has never  rained in any of them the day of the “YES””

“I designed my first wedding dress for the daughter of the mayor when I was 15 years old”

Linea Lena

Atelier Linea Lena was born in the ’60s with the founder Lena Benzoni, our head tailor. The Brand Line Lena was then officially created in 1986.

Atelier Linea Lena represents the Italian haute couture tradition. Our masterpieces are a results of precious fabric, elegant models and Italian high quality artisanship.

Every dress we produce is a piece of art uniquely representing the dreams and the story of our client. Our concept is to help you telling your story designing your dress. 

Atelier Linea Lena is born in the textile headquarted in Bergamo. Here it is where the best italian fabrics are thought. Having direct access and influence to them allow us to have the best products available at first. Atelier Linea Lena is also in the centre of the vigorous triangle of Bergamo, Brescia and Milano. This is the major area for development of art, fashion and glamour. We are reflecting all of these values mainteining the original italian haute couture tradition. 


Hand-made and unique dresses for you, perfect for every occasion. 

Every dress is unique, no replica is admitted.

Our team of stylist and tailor will create the dress for you, advising for best fabric and design. 

Appointments can be schedule in Atelier or at your favourite place.